Org Team

Jill Kumlien – Inspiration behind MS Run the US

Jill Kumlien lived with MS for 36 years before she passed away unexpectedly on January 10th, 2017 from complications of the disease. Her joy for life was energizing, her love for others was contagious and her depth of kindness was bottomless. She has inspired countless others to do more in their lives and has sparked a movement that will leave a legacy for years to come. Her desire was for others to know her Savior, to be restored in full health, and to run with MS Run the US as we carried out the mission to end MS forever. In life and in death she has been with us every step of the way.

Ashley (Kumlien) Schneider – President / Founder

Ashley is the President & Founder of MS Run the US. As Founder, Ashley is the crazed, solo endurance athlete that ran 3,288 miles across America by herself in 2010 for MS research. Upon completion of her run from San Francisco to New York, she became the 16th female to ever run across America. Much to her embarrassment though, she only raised 10% of her $500,000 fundraising goal. So, logically, she decided to go across America again as a relay team. In doing so she created America’s longest relay run which stretches 3,260 miles from Santa Monica, CA to New York, NY every year for MS fundraising.

As President, Ashley works on developing relationships and programs to further the organization’s mission. If you have a stack of cash you’d like to give to a charity, Ashley’s contact information is at the bottom of her bio—she knows precisely how to use it to help others living with MS. She spends much of her time working diligently to create an exceptional fundraiser experience, and passionately leads the organization to grow and change for the better according to the nonprofit’s mission. Ashley received her degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in Exercise and Sport Science and enjoys encouraging others to move, stay healthy, and challenge their self-imposed limits. Prior to starting MS Run the US, Ashley owned a fitness and nutrition business. She lives near Milwaukee, WI with her husband and three angelic children.

Carrie Berg – Director

Carrie Berg serves as Director of MS Run the US. After a decade in corporate communications, and a few years in Europe, Carrie transitioned her skills to benefit the nonprofit sector. Starting as Communications Manager in March of 2021, Carrie quickly rose to Director of the organization, managing the charity’s programs, employees, and invaluable fundraisers and volunteers. She loves inspiring others to get up, get out and give back. At MS Run the US, she puts her seemingly endless energy into fostering community connections and program development to further the organization’s mission.  

Carrie graduated from Carroll University with a BS in Communications and maintains certifications in exercise, nutrition, and personal training, and continues to lead fitness classes each week. If she is not working on a new program or campaign – or challenging others to burpees – Carrie spends time with her family; skiing, boating, hiking, or searching for the Northern Lights.

Sandy Kroll – Executive Assistant

Running and physical fitness have always been a part of Sandy’s life. As an athlete on the track and cross country teams during high school and college, she started a lifestyle of running to take care of myself. The benefits not only helped her physically, but also provided a safe place for stress man-agement to work out life’s difficult times.

In 2018, Sandy was given an opportunity to give back to running in a whole new way, after she was introduced to Ashley and the organization’s amazing relay event. She was inspired by Ashley and her tribute to Jill’s life—to run across the country for her and help others do the same. After being hired as Ashley’s assistant, Sandy has followed the stories of our runners, who persevere—to run past their own MS or push their boundaries for a loved one for a cure. These runners have shown Sandy that running and purpose together can do great things.

As Executive Assistant, Sandy works behind the scenes with Ashley on donation management, shipments, correspondence, and doing what’s necessary to help move the organization’s mission along. Each year that passes, her love for the organization grows, and she couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the MS Run the US Team.

Haley Halverson

Haley Halverson – Director of Development

In February of 2021, Haley joined the MS Run the US Road Crew Team as the 2021 Relay Running Coach. Her job was to monitor the runner’s health, hydration, and overall safety, while managing our Relay event on-site and our two-vehicle caravan that travels from Santa Monica to New York. Throughout the event, the organization saw immense value in Haley’s management style, attention to detail, problem solving skills, and deep connection to our MS Run Family. Upon completion of her 5-month journey, the charity offered Haley the opportunity to use these skills full-time first as an Engagement Manager and now our Director of Development position.

As Director of Development, Haley oversees our social engagement, manages our relationships and partnerships, and is the first touchpoint to newcomers at the organization, while also building our Ambassador program and managing the Relay event.

Haley brings a plethora of experience to the organization from small business development, management consulting, and the health and wellness industry, where she gathered necessary skill sets to manage and engage with our most trusted asset-our people.