How does the Relay work? Like everyone travels in the RV together 24/7? Who takes care of the runners?

  • Great question! And yes, we understand how this is confusing because we’re the only organization that runs across America like this! How cool, huh?! Instead of reading a long-winded answer, just watch this cool 2 minute video!



Wow! This event rocks! How do I apply to run?! When can I expect to be contacted after I apply?!

  • We’re excited to receive your application! Click on the button to apply. We will be contacting you in August to set up an interview sometime in September. The Relay team is selected and announced each year in October.

What if I don’t raise the $10,000?

  • We believe that MS Run the US is a team effort. If you’re having a difficult time achieving the donation minimum by the deadline then we’ll be working with you weeks in advance to help you achieve your goal.  We also believe that anything is possible. Set your mind to a task and don’t let up until you achieve it!


How do I track the runners?


Where does the money go?!