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Hello! My name is Micara Hink. I’m so excited! I signed up to be an ambassador for the chilly Willy run series with MS Run the US. I will run in 6 races over the winter. I’m going to run for a cure! I will run for those who can’t because of this horrible disease. I will run for those currently battling MS and for those who have lost their battle. I will run for my mother in law, my friends and for Jill.

I never really knew much about this disease. I used to work with a physician whose husband has MS. Since then, I’ve heard about more and more people affected. I met my husband and learned that his mother, my mother in law, is living with disease. I have several friends who are battling this disease, at such a young age, raising their families with the uncertainty of the how this disease will progress for them. My best friends mother lost her battle about a year and a half ago. I will fight for a cure, I will run for a cure!

Bring it on!!!

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