Tabetha Wolfe – Segment 2

I will be running Segment 2 from Barstow, CA to Las Vegas, NV a total 0f 204 miles from April 15th - 22nd. I will be running in honor of my mother-in-law Betty and cousin Kelly and for multiple sclerosis fundraising with the 2019 Ultra Relay Team
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About the Campaign

Runner Story
Can you imagine running a full marathon (26.2 miles)? Can you imagine running a marathon every day for 8 days? Well me neither but I am going to! I have participated in lots of races over the last couple of years, and sure the free t-shirt, medal and beer are great, but I wanted to participate in something for a cause. Then one day while scrolling through Facebook I saw a friend looking for donations, I read her story about MS Run the US and knew this was the cause I could get behind. I have family members and friends that have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I also know how little people understand MS and how it affects those living with it.

As many of you know, my mother-in-law Betty and cousin Kelly have both been diagnosed with MS. Each having different debilitating symptoms that they deal with daily basis.
My mother-in-law was diagnosed with MS 26 years ago. Before her diagnosis she was a very active woman; dedicated to her job and her family. 9 years after her diagnosis her symptoms had gotten worse and she was no longer able to walk without the assistance of a cane. She made the tough decision to retire from what she loved, nursing. She is still able to get around with a cane/walker but uses a wheel chair more frequently. Her spirits remain high and her 12 grandchildren help add joy and love to her days.

My cousin Kelly was diagnosed 7.5 years ago due to blindness in her left eye, her vision has come back about 90%. She struggles daily with numb fingers, weakness in her right leg, back spasms, tingling in her torso and constant fatigue. She owns a business and with that comes stress, which make the symptoms worse, but she is not ready to give up doing what she loves quite yet.

Both women live with a disease that most people don’t understand and have inspired me with their positive spirit to participate in the extraordinary event.

The Ultra Relay

The Ultra Relay is an annual, 19 segment, relay run stretching 3,260 miles across America for the MS cause.

The Relay begins each year in April in Santa Monica, CA and finishes in August in New York, NY. Our relay runners are selected via our online application process to participate as an individual segment runner as a part of the 19 segment relay. To participate each runner commits to fundraising $10,000 over ten months and to running approximately 160 miles over 6 consecutive days during his or her assigned relay segment. Once selected each runner spends months training and fundraising with in depth help from the organization prior to the event’s start as they prepare to devote one week on the road while completing their segment’s miles. They are aided on the road by the organization’s road crew team. Each runner’s segment is logistically coordinated back-to-back as a part of the collective team effort to run across America. Donations raised support the organization’s mission to raise awareness of the MS disease, aid research, and to help those living with disability due to MS.