Shannon Hea- Segment 15

I will be running 150 miles in 6 days in honor of my grandmother and the countless number of people in my life who have or have been impacted by MS, and for Multiple Sclerosis fundraising with the 2019 Ultra Relay Team.
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About the Campaign

Runner Story
Growing up in Colorado, I have always been passionate about the outdoors, and the activities that go hand in hand with living in this beautiful state. I have traveled all over the Rocky Mountains; running, hiking, skiing, and being in the out of doors. I became passionate about running in Graduate School as I studied to be a social worker, and learned about the powerful connection of the mind-body balance. Near this time in my life, my grandmother passed away from complications due to Multiple Sclerosis. I began to learn more about the disease that contributed to my grandmother’s passing, and learned that Colorado has a staggeringly high percentage of people living with MS. As I delved deeper into understanding this disease, I discovered teachers, community members, co-workers, and family friends that lived each day with MS, and became passionate about contributing to a cure for this debilitating and life altering disease. I now run for those who cannot, and I source my strength from the optimism, hope and enthusiasm of those living with MS and their champions.

The Ultra Relay

The Ultra Relay is an annual, 19 segment, relay run stretching 3,260 miles across America for the MS cause.

The Relay begins each year in April in Santa Monica, CA and finishes in August in New York, NY. Our relay runners are selected via our online application process to participate as an individual segment runner as a part of the 19 segment relay. To participate each runner commits to fundraising $10,000 over ten months and to running approximately 160 miles over 6 consecutive days during his or her assigned relay segment. Once selected each runner spends months training and fundraising with in depth help from the organization prior to the event’s start as they prepare to devote one week on the road while completing their segment’s miles. They are aided on the road by the organization’s road crew team. Each runner’s segment is logistically coordinated back-to-back as a part of the collective team effort to run across America. Donations raised support the organization’s mission to raise awareness of the MS disease, aid research, and to help those living with disability due to MS.