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Running from the Keystone State with an Empire State of Mind to raise awareness and fund research to END MS
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About the Campaign

It can be difficult to train for a race, but it is even more difficult NOT to be able to train for a race. So, with every mile, I say, THANK YOU!

According to the National MS Society, more than 2.3 million people worldwide have a diagnosis Multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system that disrupts information flow within the brain and the body; it can create vision, balance, muscle control, and other essential body functions issues. Currently, there is no cure.

MS Run the US, is America\’s first and only 3,260 mile ultra relay run, dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support multiple sclerosis (MS) research while also aiding those living with disability due to MS, and I’m so proud to announce that I’ll be part of the 2021 team. As the segment 19 runner, I’ll anchor the final 188 miles running from Pennsylvania to New York City. As a native East Coaster, this run is extra special to me as it feels like I’m running home.

You might ask, how many ultra marathons have you done? The answer, zero. My path to becoming a marathoner was far from traditional – in fact, I was the girl who always tried to duck out on gym class during the Presidential Fitness Test. A late bloomer, I found running (or more appropriately running found me) when a local gym was hosting a running club. I joined and was hooked! While running was and still is hard, it has the power to transform your physical health and your mind. As a runner, you learn to embrace discomfort. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to run in a handful of races, marathons, half-marathons, glow runs, Turkey Trots and more. While running might be considered an individual sport, when you come across other runners on the road or run with your pack, there is a palpable sense of community and support. For me, life-long friendships have been built within my miles of running.

Since running changed my life, a way for me to give back and pay it forward is through running. Why support MS? I was introduced to MS a decade ago when my Aunt  was diagnosed with the disease. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet my Aunt , here is what you will think – she has the kindest soul, the biggest heart, and most boisterous laugh. She is a warrior, and her positive attitude about her diagnosis is an inspiration.

By participating in the MS Run the US, I’ll be one of 19 elite individuals nationwide running on this journey – 3,260 miles to STOP MS! The Relay begins each year in April in Santa Monica, CA, and finishes in August in New York, NY. To participate, each runner commits to fundraising $10,000 and running 160-miles during their assigned relay segment.

Would you rather be someone who goes too far? Or nowhere at all? I choose too far. Is running 188 miles in 7 days hard? You bet. No challenge, no change it’s about changing and challenging your state of mind to help make a difference. Running changed my life and this is an opportunity to use running to changes the lives of others. Research is the engine that drives change, and more funding creates more opportunities for that research to occur, leading to better treatments and a cure.

You can help by supporting one of my 19 teammates or me through funding. If you find yourself along my route, please feel free to join me in a few miles. In the end, it is in all of us to defy expectations.