Ryan Hynek – Segment 14

I will be running 138 miles in 5 days in memory of my mother (Kim), in honor of my aunt (Cindy Hardow) and twin sister (Sara Christen), and for multiple sclerosis fundraising with the 2019 Ultra Relay Team.
68% Funded
  • $10,246.15 Donated
  • $15,000.00 Goal
  • 10 Donors

About the Campaign

Runner Story
2018 was my first year being part of the Relay Team. I will say that I was not exactly sure what I got myself into when I applied and accepted to be part of something this big, nor did I know if I would be able to complete the required 155 miles, but what I did know is that it is something I needed to do. It wasn’t just because I love running, but because I wanted to do something simply awesome in memory of my mother and for my Aunt as well as my twin sister. I also wanted to bring hope for all those who are suffering with this awful disease as well as their families. Once I reached the finish line of my segment I was done running, however in my mind I didn’t want to stop as there is still no cure, so I don’t want to leave business unfinished which is why I have chosen to run again in 2019.

My mother, who passed away about 13 years ago, was diagnosed before I was born and was still able to give birth to twins, myself and a wonderful daughter, Sara. Living with an immediate family member who has MS I lived a different lifestyle growing up. Though I took part in all sorts activities as a kid, playing at the local playgrounds, taking part in school sports, and even being part of the band, I had other responsibilities at home with helping in taking care of my mother. Though my mother could walk most of my childhood days, it was when my sister and I reached middle school is when she started to take a turn for the worse where she needed assistance from a walker. There were many weekends that were spent in the hospital for treatments, my nights were not only made for studying but also helping my father with taking care for her. By the time High School came, she was then confined to a wheelchair. Life has not been the same without her smile in our world, but she is now our angel watching over us.

Shortly after our mother passed, Sara started to get symptoms of MS with blind spots in her eyes. After many doctor visits and testing, she too was diagnosed with MS. Today she is doing well with the advancement of medications and is currently a Radiologist Technician in Madison, WI. She loves the job that she does and lives with her husband of 12 years. One of the hardest things for her when she got married was our mother not being there, but we felt her present in spirit.

My Aunt Cindy (one of my mother’s sisters) was also diagnosed with MS early in her life. A few years ago, Cindy found the MS Walks which is how our family came together and did our part in raising money to help find a cure. She recently married a veteran that she met a couple of years ago. He has been able to offer her so much support through her struggling days, as well as Cindy cares for him with his injuries that he endured during his time serving our country.
This year I am aiming to go above and beyond the minimum fundraising goal and raise $15,000. This will go a long way in helping find a cure once and for all.

The Ultra Relay

The Ultra Relay is an annual, 19 segment, relay run stretching 3,260 miles across America for the MS cause.

The Relay begins each year in April in Santa Monica, CA and finishes in August in New York, NY. Our relay runners are selected via our online application process to participate as an individual segment runner as a part of the 19 segment relay. To participate each runner commits to fundraising $10,000 over ten months and to running approximately 160 miles over 6 consecutive days during his or her assigned relay segment. Once selected each runner spends months training and fundraising with in depth help from the organization prior to the event’s start as they prepare to devote one week on the road while completing their segment’s miles. They are aided on the road by the organization’s road crew team. Each runner’s segment is logistically coordinated back-to-back as a part of the collective team effort to run across America. Donations raised support the organization’s mission to raise awareness of the MS disease, aid research, and to help those living with disability due to MS.