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In April 2021, I will be running 157 miles in 6 days from Santa Monica to Barstow, CA in HONOR of my MS patients and to STOP MS with the 2021 Relay Team!
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About the Campaign


Over the past 20 years, progress in MS research has led to major advancements in treatment development.  But there is still more that can be done and right now, we are in an extraordinary position to build upon these successes and push forward to hopefully find a cure.

In a quest to raise awareness for MS, I stumbled upon MS Run the US and was immediately drawn to it.  I had completed a few marathons in the past, but this relay took running to another level.  The cross country trek roughly translates to completing a marathon every day from coast to coast.  I marveled at the distance of the relay because it seemed like such an impossible feat, but when I think about everything that people with MS live with on a daily basis, the difficulty of the relay pales in comparison.

I have the distinct privilege of being selected to join the 2021 team and run the first leg of the relay.  Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to support MS research while also aiding those living with disability due to MS.  This relay will be the toughest challenge I’ve ever faced both mentally and physically, but I’m excited to have this amazing opportunity to honor the patients I work with and the lives of those touched by MS.

I have committed to fundraise $10,000 and I know with the amazing community I have, I can hit my goal.  While I hope you can support me via donation or spread awareness to the cause, I also appreciate encouragement, run buddies, thoughts and prayers.  In additional, if you would like to join me for any portion of my segment in the beautiful southern California, the info is below. Let’s run farther to serve others!  Thank you for your love, donations and support!

Segment 1 Details:

Where: Santa Monica, CA to Barstow, CA – Start is at Santa Monica Pier

When: April 9-14th, 2021

Mileage: 157 miles run in 6 days, approximately a marathon distance per day

Event Details

MS Run the US is the first, only, and longest annual relay run across America. It’s an epic 3,260 mile run to STOP MS!

The relay commences in April in Santa Monica, CA and finishes in August in New York, NY.  The relay team is comprised of 19 runners hand-selected from a pool of applicants nation-wide.  To participate, each teammate commits to fundraising $10,000 and to running approximately 160 miles over 6 days during his or her assigned relay segment.  Each segment is synchronized back-to-back with their teammates in an effort to run 3,260-miles over 4.5 months.

Crazy, huh?!