Nikki Sanford

I will be running 17.5 miles a day for 7 days to STOP MS with the 2020 VIRTUAL Relay Team!
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About the Campaign

Runner Story

Two years ago I randomly came across MS Run the US while surfing the web and within days applied for a spot on the team. As a casual runner with a couple marathons under my belt at the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into by signing up to run eight marathons back-to-back (which was probably for the best), but I felt compelled to be a part of this peculiar group running 3,200 miles across America to tackle an incurable disease and inspire others to do the same. I admired the awesome story behind the organization and it seemed so perfect that I could make a real, meaningful contribution to the cause just by doing something that seemed, to me, like an epic adventure, but which most other people would think was absolutely insane – one of the things I love about this relay. After an interview with Ashley Schneider – the Founder/Executive Director who ran across America solo in 2010 – I landed a spot on the 2018 Team, spent six long months training, and had an absolute blast running 205 miles from Barstow, CA, across the Mojave Desert, to Las Vegas, NV (Segment 2), and raising over $12,000 for MS Run the US.

Since then I’ve been a part of this MS family. I’ve met some of the kindest, toughest, and most selfless individuals through the relay experience, and made some lifelong friends that continue to inspire and challenge me each day.

I’ve met so many – too many – individuals living with MS, and continue to see the wide range of symptoms and challenges faced by them and their families.

I’ve also seen firsthand the impact that this organization has on those living with MS.

From funding cutting-edge neurological research for MS treatments and cures, to providing and installing mobility and accessibility equipment for individuals currently in need, conducting MS outreach and educational events, and partnering with other charities and organizations (e.g., the National MS Society), to name just a few examples, MS Run the US applies funds – generously and judiciously – through diverse avenues to make the greatest impact on the overall battle against MS.

In view of all this, I’ve decided to take on the Relay – one more time – because I believe in the organization’s mission and see its potential in helping to eradicate the disease. Its leadership is solid and fully dedicated to the cause, with a clear vision and plans to expand the charity’s reach and impact.

As such, I’m also committing to raising $25,000 for the cause – double my amount from last time!

And like the last time, I probably don’t know what I’m getting myself into by signing up to run back-to-back marathons for a week – this time through mountains at 8,000-12,000 feet elevation, no less – but I’m so incredibly excited for this adventure and all the new experiences to come.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting MS Run the US and make a donation – whether $5 or $5,000 – to help raise awareness for this disease and support efforts to find a cure.

The Ultra Relay

The MS Run the US Relay is an annual 3,260 mile relay run across America for multiple sclerosis (MS).

The Relay begins each year mid-April in Santa Monica, CA and finishes mid-August in New York, NY. Our Relay runners are selected via our online application process to participate as an individual segment runner as a part of the Ultra Relay team.

To participate, each runner commits to fundraising $10,000 over ten months and to running approximately 160 miles over 6 consecutive days during his or her assigned Relay segment. There are 19 segments total in the relay spanning from California to New York. Once selected, each runner spends months training and fundraising prior to the event as they prepare to vote one wee on the road with the nonprofit while completing their segment’s miles. Each runner’s segment is logistically coordinated back-to-back as a part of the collective team effort to run 3,260 miles over the duration of 4.5 months.