Mena-CE to MS

I am raising funds, awareness, and building miles in support of my mom and all those who battle with MS! Let's make a difference! :) #STOPMS
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  • $3,000.00 Goal
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About the Campaign


I became aware of MS Run the US through my workplace (Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA) and I had the privilege of running alongside 2019 Segment 18 Finisher Bridget McElroy’s during her final mile.

To me, MS is a life changing disability that affects most aspects of someone’s life. Everything from decision making, mobility, understanding, speech, overall change of thought and so much more. There are many different stages of MS and not everyone that has MS is the same. Everyone goes through their own experience.

My mother had been struggling with MS for years before the doctor’s were able to officially diagnose her with the illness. We live in Lewisburg, PA, where there aren’t many doctors specialized in MS. For about 10 years, she was passed from doctor to doctor without any relief or diagnosis in regards to her symptoms. She had an MRI done and misdiagnosed with vitamin D deficiency and no more rigorous tests were done. After getting treated for vitamin D and iron, there was no improvement in her symptoms. She then went on to see an Orthopedist in regards to her neck pain, tingling hands and weakness in legs. This Orthopedist then sent her to a Rheumatologist who read her previous MRI and proceeded to order an extended amount of blood work and further tests. This order was what finally ended up isolating the MS. After this isolation of the MS, she was then sent to a local neurologist who referred her to an MS specialist at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

I am fortunate to be an ambassador for MS Run the US so that I am able to help raise awareness/funding to areas like Lewisburg and other places who might not be aware about this illness. I want my part to make a difference in someone’s life who is struggling with MS whether the money funded go to research, for a wheelchair for an MS patient who has lost mobility, medication and treatment (b/c it is very costly), or aid with insurance because MS is expensive and there are people with MS who might not have insurance, their insurance is limited or simply do not have the means to pay it. My mom has ALWAYS taught me to be grateful for all aspects in life, to love and be passionate about things deeply, and that one person can ALWAYS make a difference because it takes THAT one person.

 My mom has always taught me to give rather than receive. She is truly the strongest and most selfless person in my eyes. While she might struggle on most days, the way she carries herself with her smile, love, and personality – you couldn’t even guess what she endures. I love her resilience. MS pushes my mom to be the best person that she can be and challenges her surpass certain expectations. My mom is my hero, my light, my drive and so much more. This is for you, mom – and for all those who can’t. Here I come, MS. 🙂