Meghan Guler

I will be running my first marathon distance over 3 days in honor of my aunt, my patients, and all others who battle the disease. I will run with the 2020 VIRTUAL Relay Team to STOP MS!
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About the Campaign

Runner Story 

My experiences with MS first started in 2010 when my aunt was diagnosed. Every year since MS introduced itself to my family, I have donated my time and money to events, organizations, and individuals suffering from effects of the disease. I have participated in several runs organized by the MS Society and have volunteered during MS Service Day. The MS Monster Scramble 10K was the first experience I had with, what I considered at the time, a “long distance” run. Over the course of 3 years in graduate school, I struggled financially to continue donating monetarily to the cause and often found that mandatory exams and meetings would line up with the runs scheduled locally. While in graduate school, I was hospitalized and faced with various health issues that prompted myself being tested for MS. Following months of recovery, I started running as an outlet and soon found myself registered for my first half marathon. I decided at that point that I would continue to run for a cause. Following some online research, I discovered MS Run the US and quickly decided I was ready for the challenge.

School is over and I am ready to again join in the fight against MS. I will run for my aunt who has battled MS since 2010, our family and friends who have also been impacted by the disease, my patients who I work closely with in an effort to decreased pain, improve quality of life, and maximize function and mobility to prolong their independence and participation in the community. I will run in memory of individuals who have lost their battle, in honor of those who continue to fight, and for the individuals who remain in the early stages of diagnosis and treatment. I aim to overcome the challenges of temperature, fatigue, soreness, and mindset throughout the training process. From May 13th to May 18th, I will encounter and overcome a negligible version of only few of the challenges I too often watch MS impose on individuals EVERY DAY on a much larger scale. As an Ultra Relay runner, I will raise awareness and fundraise monetarily what I haven’t been able to the past 3 years!


The Ultra Relay

The MS Run the US – Relay is an annual 3,260-mile relay run across America for the multiple sclerosis (MS) cause.

The Relay begins each year mid-April in Santa Monica, CA and finishes mid-August in New York, NY. Our Relay runners are selected via our online application process to participate as an individual segment runner as a part of the Ultra Relay team.

To participate each runner commits to fundraising $10,000 over ten months and to running approximately 160-miles over 6 consecutive days during his or her assigned Relay segment. There are 19 segments total in the relay spanning from California to New York. Once selected each runner spends months training and fundraising prior to the event as they prepare to devote one week on the road with the nonprofit while completing their segment’s miles. Each runner’s segment is logistically coordinated back-to-back as a part of the collective team effort to run 3,260-miles over the duration of 4.5 months.