Bioness Go for Debbie

Help Debbie stay active with a new Bioness Go!
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About the Campaign

Please help me raise money for a much needed piece of medical equipment for Debbie. 

Debbie was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and is now living with secondary progressive MS.  Debbie is an athlete.  She once trained on the US National Team Handball team and went to the Olympic qualifying tournament in Africa, and she was the head coach of the Iowa State University softball team.  This is a very active person who has lost so much of her ability to do the things she loves dearly because of MS.  Balance, core, and leg strength are the main issues that affect the activities that she needs and LOVES to do.  The muscles in her right leg have atrophied and this has affected her ability to walk.   Debbie is in need of a new Bioness Go unit, which helps her walk and move freely, without fear of falling.  This device gives her the confidence to live a healthy, active life.  The leg cuff helps lift her foot and the thigh cuff keeps her knee from locking out. 

For my part, to help raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and raise funds for the Bioness Go for Debbie, I will be running 207 miles from Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC with 11 of my best running friends!  We will cover the miles in approximately 35 hours starting at 5:00 AM on March 22. 

Thank you so much for considering a donation for this super cool device.  Debbie and I appreciate your support so much!


If you’re like me, you want to know how the Bioness works.  This is so cool! –

“A 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer are embedded in the Stimulator to monitor user movement in all three kinematic planes and deploy stimulation in 0.01 seconds of detecting a valid gait event.

Through an adaptive, learning algorithm, the L300 Go detects gait events, providing stimulation precisely when needed making it easier for users to clear their foot at different walking speeds, on stairs, ramps, and while navigating uneven terrain.” –